Is carpet flooring durable?

Is carpet flooring durable?

If you need a durable floor, don't rule out carpeting before giving it a second look. These materials offer a broader scope of protection than you might think.

Modern technology means these floors are more durable than ever before. And the more you learn about the materials before you buy, the better.

What makes carpet durable?

Some carpet fibers like nylon and polyester offer natural benefits. Nylon is strong and resistant to wear, while polyester is more stain resistant.

But if you need impressive durability, consider products with built-in stain protection. For example, these floors don't soak up spills, so permanent stains are not an issue.

A floor covering like this is also easier to clean, so it looks better longer. Even if you have pets or children, these floors could be everything you need.

How long do durable floors last?

With professional installation, these materials can last more than 20 years. In addition, our technicians have training and experience with every material in our showroom.

You can also help your floors to perform better while they're in place. Be sure to maintain them with regular cleaning and spot cleaning as necessary.

If you want added protection, consider area rugs for your floor covering where traffic is highest. And if you have questions about your materials, be sure to talk with an associate.

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